Farmers need quality seed of ideal varieties combined with the best management information to achieve optimum yields

Mukushi Seeds provides these essentials to farmers at affordable prices. Our varieties have been developed and thoroughly tested in Zimbabwe for adaptation, farmer-acceptance and field performance. We promote conservation agriculture and professional farming so that farmers at any scale and situation can be productive and profitable. We also believe that since farming revolves around families, our activities should also promote happy and healthy family life. We therefore promote good products and wholesome farming practices in the family context. Thus, one of our key products is Quality Protein Maize, which provides farmers with improved nutrition for food and feed. In addition, we provide high-yielding and drought tolerant common maize varieties for all the agro-ecological zones of Zimbabwe. We sell our seed in bags according to seed count, because farmers plant seed, and they need to know exactly how much seed each bag contains, and what field area the bag will plant at a given spacing. Every seed counts, and every plant contributes to yield. We believe that farmers need to cultivate every seed and nurture every plant to achieve the highest productivity in each situation.


Every Farmer Productive and Profitable
Every Family Healthy and Happy


Mukushi Seeds will achieve this vision by working diligently to:

  1. Market quality seed of excellent maize, small grain and legume varieties that will meet farmers’ needs for profitable food and feed production in Africa;
  2. Provide agronomic services to farmers so they may achieve the potential contained in our seed;
  3. Produce, process and package seed that meets or exceeds the quality expected by farmers;
  4. Maintain an efficient and people-appreciating work and network environment;
  5. Steward financial resources to achieve sustainable profit while not forgetting the poor; and
  6. Ensure that the business is run ethically, with conformity to Biblical standards and acknowledgement of God’s grace and providence.

Our Core Values

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure every customer is 100 % satisfied with our products and services, 100 % of the time. But we also know we can improve so we receive and appreciate customer feedback, criticism and encouragement.

Faithful Stewards and Family Values

We work to be good stewards of the land and resources given by God, always remembering that we share this world with our families and neighbours. We aim to improve the land for them and future generations. We uphold traditional  family values and recognise that every farmer is a member of a family and community.

Exceptional Seed Quality

Seed is the starting point for crop production and therefore we are committed to ensuring every customer receives the highest quality seed of the best varieties available appropriate to each farmer’s environment.

Transparent and Ethical

Our seed production and processing systems are open to customer and Regulator scrutiny and we operate to an ethical standard accountable to stakeholders and ultimately to God.

Wonderful Employer

We maintain an efficient and people-appreciating work environment, where employees enjoy working because they feel fulfilled and know they all contribute to customer productivity and profitability.