Complimentary Crops:
Mukushi Seeds also sells seed of complementary crops, namely:-
Sugar Beans (Nua45 and Sweet Violet),
Groundnuts (early maturing Ilanda),
Nyimo Beans (Mana),
Cowpeas (CBC2),
White Sorghum (SV2) and Pearl Millet (PMV3). “Mukushi Mulch Mix” is available for producing mulch or cover crops for conservation farming.
Leaf and Cob Diseases: Resistance levels are indicated for common diseases in Zimbabwe, namely, Grey Leaf Spot, Maize Streak Virus and Northern Corn Leaf Blight on leaves, and Diplodia ear rot, at time of publication. Disease reaction may be influenced by crop rotation, crop management and seasonal weather conditions.
Drought tolerance indications are based on field experience of moderate drought occurrence. Actual crop yield will depend on timing and severity of drought, and crop management practices.
Plant and grain yield indicators are dependent on seasonal characteristics and crop management.
Maturity refers to Physiological Maturity (black layer formation). Harvest maturity will depend on rate of dry down. Days to flowering and maturity will depend on altitude and temperature. Lower altitude or higher temperatures will hasten development and vice versa.
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