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Mukushi Seeds provides  farmers from all  over the world with in-depth training on seed harvesting
The Zimbabwe seed firm taking on the multinationals

COMESA Domestication Launch

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Mukushi Seeds is pioneering hybrid maize seed varieties that it hopes will improve farmer yields. It's a sector that has been dominated by big multinational companies, but Mukushi is confident there's a market.
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COMESA Domestication Launch in Harare This marks the beginning of the implementation of harmonised COMESA seed regulations in Zimbabwe that will facilitate seed trade amongst COMESA countries.This includes variety registration, seed certification and phytosanitary regulations. A variety listed on the COMESA list may be traded in all COMESA countries. Read More>>

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We do not use Genetically Modified Organisms, and are against their introduction and use in crop farming. We are conventional plant breeders, and will use the best conventional techniques to develop new varieties. Widespread testing of new varieties is carried out under optimum and managed-stress conditions on research stations, and under on-farm conditions. We also believe in collaborative research and extension with public and private institutions so as to access the best genetics and make them available to farmers.
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